Sex It Up! Some Positions to Try!

by Elizabeth Morris

Many of us lead routine and happy lives where we head into work or school daily and get through the day. Coming home to a partner or meeting a mate that night adds some excitement to our lives and surely one can’t argue with the sheer power that an orgasm can give. Climaxing is a release no matter who you have sex with, be it a long term partner or just a casual encounter.

While yes, any orgasm is awesome there is however a lot to be said about variety being the spice of life. If you’re in a long term relationship, it is so important to keep a focus on your sex life and not to let it get to the dreaded stale stage. It really doesn’t need to because you can switch things up by simply incorporating some new sex positions.

Yes, that might meet straying from your reliable missionary but the pay-offs could be awesome with your visual and physical stimulation kicked off the charts!

Our friends over at Carvaka Adult Toys have produced this awesome list below which suggests some fun sex positions to try. Some will require more flexibility and agility than others but there many that all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness can try. What have you got to lose? Nothing! It will be major fun trying to master them!

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